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Help me

so every time i do a transition then go to the other clip it blacks out then i try to play it it wont play and it gets me stressed out alot and i work 40mins on clips that will fit the beat PLZZZZZZZZ try to fix this problem my fingers hurt like crazy alright thank u


This is the worst app for a MAC ever!!! Tried to edit a video for my college class; spent over an hour on it & in the end there was no way to SAVE or EXPORT the entire thing… only 1 minute would save (out of 6min). I will NEVER buy an app from this company again!!

lost files

I finish something and I save to my local files. Then I realize I forgot to add something in, so I go back to edit it but for some reason it just says that the files can’t be found. This always happens when I render a file.

It’s good but get rid of the undoable words!!!!

I honestly like this editing software! It is easy and works well. The only reason why I don’t give it 5 stars is because it prints the words, “ Made with Cute CUT” In bold letters in a corner! Please get rid of it, or please make it so I can have it say something else like for a YouTube video I could put a link, or some thing like, “ subscribe!” or, “ Leave a like!” PPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE Get rid of the undoable words please!!!!!

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